About Me

While my parents were studying at the University of Wyoming they fell in love with the mountains known as the Snowy Range just 30 miles west of campus. Complete with the tiny town of Centennial and the Medicine Bow National Forest my parents decided to start their life. They lived in a tipi during the summers while they built the house I grew up in.

I went to an elementary school with a total of 20 kids, raised farm animals in the summer and fell in love with skiing during the winter. My brother was, and is, my closest friend, my horse was my partner in crime and my parents were my teachers, coaches and mountain guides.

I learned to ski as soon as I could walk. With my dad as my coach and the ski area as my second home I never so much as considered a different path. I had a hard time adjusting to the warm months without snow, to compensate I named my animals after ski racing legends. Herman, Bode, Pekaboo, and Tomba lived happily in our barn.

In search of bigger mountains and a larger community we moved to Steamboat Springs in 2004. In Steamboat I continued to pursue ski racing, graduated High School from the Lowell Whiteman School and was named to the US Ski Team in 2009.

I often find my tongue twisted when someone asks me where I am from because its not a simple answer for me. Recently my parents moved back to Centennial where I will come home to from life on the road. Centennial and Steamboat Springs are both my home; I find comfort, familiarity, and friends in both and feel very luck to have two communities that I love and cherish.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Anna, I’ve just been searching to see how your season has gone; so sorry to hear about your knee injury. Love looking at your pix (especially liked seeing Whister again)! Surprised to hear your folks are back in Centennial but, then again, know how much they loved it there. Miss Steamboat and all the Marno clan. Stay well and strong. Fondly, Julie Sahlsten (Tavasi & Whister’s former admirer on the Mayfield property)

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